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Customers will always have an experience. Why shouldn't it be focused on making it inclusive and delightful. Cannabis is the perfect industry to get this right.
Laura Hand - Founder

Meet our Founder

There has been a shift in our culture. It goes by many names such as essentialism, minimalism or being untamed. Its meaning is manifested in different ways. For me it’s been a time of minimizing outside influences to look inside and see what is essential to me. Although I had an amazing position, career, team. I decided to leave my executive-level marketing job of 16 years.

I wanted to realign my focus to the cannabis industry to honor my family. The loss of my brother to a drug-related heart attack and my father to brain cancer has forever shaped my life. I believe that proper education and access to cannabis would have changed their outcome.

That's why I created Laura Loo Experience Design and I'm spending my life committed to customer experience strategy. My desire is to have every patient feel heard, cared for and feel delighted with their cannabis wellness journey.

I'm a 15+ year veteran in building engaged & profitable communities in healthcare and finance through thought leadership & impactful experiences. My desire is to have every member of the cannabis & hemp community feel heard, cared for and delighted with their wellness journey.
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We are a community of passionate people that want to see the cannabis industry thrive. Lets continue to develop a brain trust of experienced professionals to help you with every aspect of your business. I have trusted resources in healthcare, business development to marketing. Let me know what you need and I will connect you.

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