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Is Brand Strategy and Customer Experience Design Becoming Essential for CMOs?
As a marketing executive, part of my responsibility was to help our corporation remain relevant, forecast opportunities and grow revenue. The annual Gartner CMO reports were a great way for me to see if I was aligned with other execs in strategy, budget allocations and priorities. Now I have the opportunity to use this information to help those in the cannabis industry prioritize their precious time & resources.
Design Your Customer Service
I joined Kathleen Riessen and Inspired Choices Network as a guest expert to discuss customer experience design. to share how business owners can intentionally design a journey map for their customers. We discussed intentionally designing UX (user experience) to result in higher revenue, increased customer loyalty and higher ticket prices.
How to Make Your Website More Accessible
Designer and marketing professional Laura Hand returns to talk about how to make your website more accessible for users. Join Jacob and Laura as they talk about avoiding "mystery meat" navigation, what the WCAG is, and other fun UX topics.
Grow your business.
Reducing customer frustration and increasing delight is the key to decreasing business expenses and increasing revenue.
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