It's All About The Customer Journey

Customers like Natalie will always have an experience? How can you develop your customer experience strategy to make it inclusive, delightful and profitable? By focusing on each stage of the customer journey to build an intentional brand strategy that is unapologetically user-focused.

WHere do I start?

It starts with Customer Experience Strategy

We help you understand who your customer is, their pain points and what they want from you as a brand. Each stage of the buyer journey from awareness to loyalty has multiple touch points that you can use to craft experiences to both solve their needs and put them on the path of being a raving fan.

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Simplify your Marketing Strategy Blueprint into 3 Building Blocks

Understand Your Audience
(Pre Purchase)

"Who is my audience? how do they find me, where do I event start with marketing?"

To build awareness you must show your audience that you are credible and care about their needs and desires.

Engage Your Audience

"How do I make the buying process easy? What do they need from me to feel good about purchasing my product?"

Whether you are a brand, retail space or experience creator; it's about creating an environment where your customers feel seen, heard and delighted.

Grow Your Audience
(Post Purchase)

"How do I keep my customers wanting to come back and also sing my praises to others?"

To grow your audience you will want to create a conversation and give them the tools to tell your story for you.


What Our Clients Say

“Laura Loo Experience Design is ideal for founders and brand owners who are seeking clarity around how they deliver their product experience. Laura Loo is a passionate consultant who helps you envision how your customer views your product by asking them all of the right questions, which isn't easy but necessary in order to succeed!”

“Laura was instrumental in creating botaniCo and our brand. Her well rounded background provided valuable insights to all aspects of the development process. Whether it was the website, branding collateral, or marketing communications, Laura’s contributions were always helpful and on target.You're brilliant and well worth the money. I should have hired you two years ago. We will definitely work together again very soon.”

“I have had the opportunity to work with Laura as a customer and colleague for over 10 years. Laura has a unique skill set of high creativity, excellent business sense, great street smarts and an award winning personality.”

“Laura is an incredible mentor, advisor, and colleague. Her deep knowledge and experience developing a successful customer journey has been and continues to be, instrumental in helping us shape this aspect of our business. Any team would be lucky to learn from, and engage with, Laura!"


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