Whether you are looking for a part-time marketing executive or individual services to improve your brand strategy, we have the expertise to help.

Fractional CMO: A part time senior marketing leader who combines strategy with execution. Areas of focus include being chief storyteller, capability builder,  customer champion, growth driver, innovation catalyst
Part-Time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

You understand that you could benefit from high-level strategy, but it's hard to bring on a full-time marketing resource. That's where the expertise of a fractional (part-time) CMO comes into play. A seasoned brand & marketing executive can wisely guide you on strategies and tactics to deliver ROI and bring on the appropriately skilled resources to get the job done. What else can a CMO help accomplish?

  • Guide you to better understanding your current customers and how to intentionally reach new audiences
  • Execute and implement customer experience and marketing strategies at a higher level than you are right now
  • Care about your business and customers as though it were their own
  • Review and build internal processes and teams to create efficiencies
  • Help you track and interpret customer feedback to proactively innovate your products and services
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Customer Experience Strategy
Customer Experience Strategy

One way to enhance customer experience and build better products is to plot your ideal customer’s journey chronologically. That way you can identify weak moments in the buying experience - and make those moments stronger. In our workshop you will be given a professional blueprint of your experience vision, brand story, target customer persona(s), customer expectations and the ideal customer journey for strategic growth.

Brand Strategy
Brand Strategy

With endless marketing tactics, regulations and limited marketing budgets, how do you know what to do to drive awareness and provide the best experience? By meeting them where they are (channels), at the right time, with the right message with awareness campaigns through building customer engagement campaigns.

Personal Branding and Thought Leadership
Personal Branding & Thought Leadership

In a world of marketing limitations, establishing yourself as a thought leader and intentionally developing your personal brand is key to building credibility and connecting with your customers. We'll help you understand what personal branding is, why it’s important, and how you can create a strong online brand for your business.

Membership Mindset Model
Membership Mindset Model

Having a membership mentality means that you are forever focused on understanding a customer's needs and continually providing value. Changing your brand's mindset will turn into your competitive advantage. You can create relationships that will lead to lifetime members.

Website User Experience Review
Website User Experience Review

Your website is often the first impression you have.  We will look at 9 key elements of your website and provide a detailed analysis of the short and long-term tactics that can be implemented to increase customer experience and conversions.

App / SAAS Product Blueprint

Before you begin building a new product/service, SAAS or app, it’s important to have a plan. This is as true for a mobile app as it is for any other product on the market. A detailed strategy allows you to completely envision and design your app or service before you launch. This roadmap guides your team forward so that they’re not building a product that misses the mark.

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